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Ren The Reindeer Canvas Bag (Foamees) -Christmas Edition


What is a CreaTee Kit?

CreaTee Kit is a design-your-own-bag-kit made for kids! It's a fun, creative activity that kids love doing and it includes everything you need to have a magical afternoon with! 

Want to limit screen time but not sure what to do? Use the included two sets of foamees to glue and design  directly on the canvas bag. You can even cut out the included batik fabric to add some cool patterns and textures to your bag.

Not to worry, all the materials are child safe. 

What's included in this Ren The Reindeer Christmas Edition:

  •  1 Canvas tote bag
  •  2 sets of Googly eyes
  • Fabric Glue
  • 3D Paint (1 bottle)
  • A Batik piece
  • A Felt piece 
  • 1 Fabric Marker
  • 2 sets of reindeer foam cut outs 


  1. Increased eye-hand coordination when using the markers, also placement movement using each of the arts component provided in the kit.
  2. Opening up communications and verbal skill between peers and adults during the designing process and time spend together.
  3. Increased and builds muscle dexterity in young children by holding and moving the markers around stencils, the use of scissors and also gluing which is necessary for brain development
  4. Encourages creativity in young childrens’ thinking and thought process through their personal and artful expressions and designs.
  5. Fun for the whole family.

NOTE: To our dear international customers , we highly recommend to make it worth your shipping dollars that the purchase be a minimum of 2 kits.

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