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3 Reasons Why There is Freedom in Feeling Bored

With the Malaysian school term holidays coming up, it means that there will be parents scrambling to figure out where to go and what to do with their child. That for some can be pretty stressful.

It is good to have children participate in life, but sometimes adults do overdo things with huge screen times and tech times, over scheduling. Honestly, there should not be any problem with children occasionally feeling bored and not being catered to 24/7. Kids should be given the freedom to be bored and for good reasons. Here are 3 reasons why

Boredom Gets them To Hear Their Own Voices

When kids are bored they are given huge opportunities.  I know this from my own personal experience. Being alone and perhaps a little bored, open your heart and ears a little more. if you listen hard enough you hear your own voice, what you like, who you are etc. You do learn to be your own best friend. Children thru that boredom discover their own personal wants, needs, likes and even dislikes. They then would just go for it!

Boredom Improves Creativity

As the saying goes “ Necessity is the mother of all invention” They’ll complain at first. Just wait a few minutes and they’ll find something to do on their own. When a child is left to their own devices, they start creating their own joy and play. Imaginations run wild. They will figure it out themselves. Building problem-solving skills and it improves creativity.

Boredom makes kids more motivated

When our children grow up, we won’t be there every moment of every day. We won’t be able to entertain them or to fill their schedules with educational events. At some point, we have to let go and hope for the best.

That’s why kids need to learn how to motivate themselves. Letting them be bored plays a big role in learning that skill. Boredom gives children practice in making their own decisions and finding ways to be interested in what’s going on around them.

 All these builds personality, character, and patience in children, thus, in the long run, their emotional intelligence.

It is also freedom for you as parents, as the adults. Freeing in the feeling that we do not have to schedule in full detail our children’s time and that gives us time with ourselves and our spouses which in turn would make us better parents. Kids need to experience happy parents. They don’t see that if you are constantly frazzled and going on about their events and scheduling.

So now...feel free in the freedom in letting your children feel bored. You’d be surprised.


About the writer

Mazura Illani Manshoor graduated from Boston University with a degree in Psychology. She is a certified Early Childhood and a Montessori teacher with years of teaching experience.
Ms. Manshoor is a co-founder of CreaTee with a strong passion for children and education causes

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