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Mazura Illani Manshoor is a graduate of Boston University in Psychology and Early Childhood Education, including Montessori method. She has over 20 of experience in the field and also involved in media locally and also in Boston, Massachusetts. Illani has always always been passionate, steadfast in her work and her love for children, young adults.

Masliza Manshoor is a graduate from Massachusetts of Art, majoring in Graphic Design. She is the owner of Eclectic Design, Kuala Lumpur, a design studio that specializes in print communication with over 15 years of experience. 

Both sisters and another partner (who has since left) started CreaTee Wear in 2015 as a social enterprise. Together they combined their skills in art and education to contribute in children's inner development. 



CreaTee Wear is to develop a simple but innovative product that will enhance the creativity and further develop better cognitive and refined motor skills in your children that is fun and also wearable.

To explore individual’s creativity with CreaTee Kit. CreaTee believes in the philosophy that creative arts builds children’s esteem, confidence, boost their emotional and mental intelligence.

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