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Benefits of stenciling


Do you think stenciling is just about outlining? We don't. The many benefits of stenciling for kids should not be ignored. Stencil crafts for kids have some significance in kids development. It is an enjoyable activity and no doubt these are fun art tools for them to use. One of the benefits of stenciling for kids is that stencil art truly provides a channel for them to be visionary and creative.

Development of Fine Motor Skills

Young children use stencil art templates to draw, color, paint, and cut. They also glue and paste to complete beautiful art pieces. Such activities help with the development of fine motor skills, increasing the use of small muscles in the hands, fingers, and wrists. It helps children to maneuver vertical, horizontal and circular strokes, learning to form shapes, letters or numbers.

Development of Bilateral Coordination and Eye-hand Coordination

Kids drawing with stencils keep them busy with drawing and coloring. In addition, they also paint and cut. These activities engage bilateral coordination. Together, they are using both sides of the body to work on these tasks.

Boost Self Esteem

Another important point to note is that arts and crafts help boost children’s self-esteem.  With that in mind, remember to select ideas perfect for their level. Give them drawings that kids can draw. But challenging at the same time.  The challenge of arts and crafts activities for kids should not discourage them from completing a task. Rather, they should be delighted about their accomplished activities. With an adult’s supervision and support that can easily be achieved.

Bonding Time

Kids' stencil set have a variety of interesting things to draw.  It can strengthen the bond between parents and children because there are lots of ideas to share. Grandparents too can be included. Whoever kids choose to work with, stencil art templates will surely make their creative activities fun.

Develops Self Control and Patience

As children work with drawing stencils, they need some support and encouragement; especially if they are first time users showing off their creativity. They may not get their tracing perfect even with easy stencil designs. However, that should not matter, because it is more about them making their own art.

If kids paint with these stencils, then they may have to wait a while for their creative designs to dry.  Reassure them to be patient as they wait. Such reassurance helps with self-control.

The same benefits of stenciling apply to adults too.

With all these benefits that stencils offer, we designed a stencil that is included in our kit that adds more fun and requires kids to be even more creative. CreaTee's stencil enables the maker to come up with multiple variations from one stencil design. Our stencil is a guide for kids and parents to go wild with their own imagination! Art isn't scary. It is to be enjoyed and at the same time offers positive side effects. 

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