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Beyond Christmas

I am not against electronics gadgets. There is no way in this 21st century we live and not have some form of contact with it. Smartphone by our side almost 24/7. Without it how can we google every curiosity that we have. Gadgets also makes great Christmas stocking stuffers. Nothing wrong with that. We life in a different world compared to 5 years ago. But the beauty of consumerism is that we are given options. What’s important is that we need to be smart parents, a thoughtful friends when it comes to gift giving. Be an intelligent consumer overall.

I am bias when I say CreaTee is a great gift for kids. But hear me out first. We came up with this product truly believing that it is something that is beneficial for children and families. When one looks at it, maybe all they see is a simple package with a whole bunch of items put together. But it is more than that. We didn’t merely put things together for the sake of putting things together. We took time to design our special stencils so that the children thinks while having fun. The markers that we used helps them with hand co-ordination. With electronic keypads now, children are not exposed to free style writing or doodling. They need to be free using unlimited space rather than the constricted iPad screen. Adults and kids laugh at google eye that we have inserted in the package simply because it is fun. Fun things in life are the simple stuff.

In them having fun, they are also learning. Those things seemed so small, but when you see them sitting at that table concentrating on their art, they are working their brain and hand skills.

For one and a half hours, you could have the most productive time with your family because in these day an age, mom and dad loses to technology mainly. Make it a family activity with CreaTee. By being together, you are able to communicate with each other by sharing ideas and helping out on the design. It is economical too. Our product can be used more than use. The only thing you need is get an extra t-shirt. You can stretch our stencil to make cards, draw on an empty canvas bag with the markers. It is a jumpstart for you to to do other arts project with them. 

For the slightly older children, nourish their creativity. Push them to make an even cooler t-shirt.We provided a Malaysian batik and felt piece for some cut outs in all the packages. How can they utilize this even better to make an awesome t-shirt? The common response we get is that “I am not creative”. One does not to be creative to enjoy producing something. CreaTee’s goal is to also make art accessible to all. We are nudging you to give it a shot. All you have to do, is take that step to make that t-shirt. Everyone is different and special. And so will your t-shirt design. Don’t fear the unknown. Try something new and let your children  grow with a wild imagination.

Christmas means different things to different people. Some more spiritual, others more tradition. It is a day of celebration. A life celebrated. It is about spending time together. 

It is not all about gift giving because the best gift is just being present for yourself and your loved ones. But if you do need to get that Christmas gift, get a CreaTee kit. Because it is the experience that we often cherish rather than the gift itself. Have a CreaTee experience with your family.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. May it be a good one. 

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