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Creating Lasting Memories: Our Journey at the Think City K2K Program Launch

We love to collaborate with different business and organization. As a business it makes sense and on a personal level we get to meet people that share our views and vision. On Sunday the 9th of July 2023 we got to be part of Think City K2K programme launching. 

K2K (Kita Untuk Kita) is a program by Think City, co-developed with the World Bank aiming to facilitate poverty exit and physical decay in public housing schemes. 

We came in to assist in giving the kids  (and parents) some fun for the day. And what fun it was. The best part of the day was that we have a number of parents that participated in the process as well. When we created CreaTee that has always been our number one goal, for families to spend just an hour together talking and being creative. We do know that sometimes it can get hard for parents to get that hour but our hope is that by making it as easy as possible in providing all the materials this would be an easy project to enjoy. It is about the quality of time and not so much the quantity one spend with the kids. 

Sure enough, we talked to some parents during the workshop. One mom said, the whole thing was so easy to do even for someone like her who has no creative bones in her body. What's amazing about her, was that, though she did not consider herself to be artistic, she fully supported and helped her daughter to finish her t-shirt. And the end product was really good! 


As usual the star of all the items in the kit was the 3D paint. Some of them went wild coloring their t-shirt with it. The older kids mainly kept theirs clean and simple. Everyone came up with their own personal take on how their t-shirt should look like.

Being an outdoor event, the temperature rose later on. We were under the loudspeaker which made it a bit hard to talk to the kids, so there were a lot of shouting going on but it was all worth it looking at the kids all happy  though somewhat intense designing journey. All in all it was a good start to the programme and it was definitely a Sunday well spend with the community. 

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