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Do parents hate spending time with their children?


This is our sample t-shirt. There is a reason why we call is a sample, to show people the possibility of how it can look like and secondly as a size guide. Samples are not meant to be sold ... so we thought. Today was send our stock day to the store and we found out that one of our sample t-shirt, Cici the monkey was sold off to a very adamant customer. This was after all attempt to get her to buy CreaTee kit for her do it with her child failed. (I don’t know how hostile she would have gotten in not getting what she wanted but the poor store staff was afraid of her and said yes to the request).

Scary mom isn’t an isolated incident. In numerous occasions when we are out in bazaars, parents would ask to buy the samples and we politely declined. We encouraged them to buy the kit instead and let them do it together (if the child is a bit young). Then comes the next question with an utterly surprised look “I have to do it?” And the third would be the simple statement “I don’t have time”. Forth step would be them walking away. 

I don’t get angry when people don’t buy CreaTee. We are in the third year of business, so I have gotten accustomed to rejections. Plus not everyone is our customer, which is ok. However, I ponder sometimes to the constant behavior that keeps presenting itself. I keep meeting more parents that seemed to think an activity is something a child does on her own and without the presence of a mother or father. I wonder, do parents hate spending time with their children that they refuse to do anything with them for an hour and blame time for it? 

There isn’t any denying that time passes super fast these days. We are already in May. Come June, it will be middle of 2019. The only time that is needed to do CreaTee’s activity is an hour. That is an hour of quality family time. You can pick and choose when you want to do this activity but yet that hour is something that a lot of people have difficulties parting with. An hour is something that we could easily spend on Instagram or Facebook everyday. We binged watch Netflix far more hours than that. Insta, FB, YouTube are a kind of stress reliever in which you don’t need to think a lot and just chill. A fun activity like CreaTee could also be a stress reliever for parents. We have had mom who enjoyed it because she felt she could be creative in the process. It sets a good example to the child on the aspect of trying and finishing a task. All of us have different levels of creativity. Some of us fear it more than others. Exploring creativity and possibilities with your child shouldn’t be one of it. 

We come from a mall culture that considers a day in a mall as a time well spend. Maybe it is, if we get to really bond with one another. Is there really a solid interaction going on in a mall's trip while we are walking to different directions? Do we consciously create eye contact with or each other or perhaps the most deep conversations for the day would be where to have lunch. Can we really not be glued to our phones while we are waiting for the food to come? Family time is about quality time and not necessarily quantity. 


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