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We are such in times of quarantine parents are busy looking for activities to do. It is great that we live in a world with internet (most of us anyways) and we get to share some of it. This is something fun, literally free for the kids or even you parents can take part off. Just grab things around you to get started. I have random things on my table! Don't ask why I have one used battery, which should be recycled by the way. Because CreaTee kit has googly eyes, I tend to have extra lying around. Cellophane tape is just one of those necessity I think. Whatever you have nearby, use it. The whole idea is to create something from it. Doesn't have to make sense but it is a way to get your mind to be creative. In art, we see what we want to see. There isn't a right or wrong way to do it.

So come on, give it a shot. Have fun. Give yourself some mental relaxation.

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