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Holiday Workshop - DIY Tee Designs for Young Creatives


It's already the end of 2023! How time flies. We are hoping that the year been kind and good to everyone. To end the year, we are going to have one last t-shirt workshop!

Join us in creating smiles and fostering a love for creativity in children. Every workshop is an opportunity to explore, express, and empower young minds. Be a part of the CreaTee movement and witness the joy of artistic discovery. At CreaTee, we believe that every T-shirt tells a story—and we're here to help your child tell theirs.

We will guide the kids on how the process of using the stencils and all the other materials. As kids dive into the world of colors and patterns, they're not just creating designs; they're telling their stories, expressing their emotions, and building a tangible representation of their unique personalities. This is a chance for us to know more about what they are designing on their t-shirt. Art is a good tool to make them to open up and express their thoughts. 

At the end of the session, we always have the kids present their final t-shirt to the group. This is to encourage self expressions and better communication skills. Develops their confidence as well. We believe this is one of the way to sow the seed of emotional intelligence in kids. Let's end the year with some big fun!

Interested to join in the fun? Here's the details:

DATE: 28 December 2023 / Thursday

TIME: Slot 1:   11.00 am - 12.45 pm
           Slot 2:     2.00 pm - 3.45 pm

FEE: RM70.00

VENUE: Mereka, Publika


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