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It's unthinkable now in 2022 to live without social media. Information is at the tip of our fingers. Keeping up with the art scene used to required a lot of effort. You had to scout for activities for the week through newspaper or magazine. Anyone remember Timeout magazine? Sometimes only to find out that one show you wanted to see took place two weeks ago. 

Now social media connects us easily to the things that we love especially for busy parents who are constantly trying to find out ways to spend time with their kids or just wanting kids to explore their own interest and passion. 

Here is where comes in handy. An informative site for parents and teachers to find creative classes for their children and students. From singing, drawing, batik coloring or musical theatre. How cool is that! 

CreaTee is also part of the listing on the platform. Our next class in on March 17, 2020 and April 21, 2020. We are holding classes once a month for now. Do check out the platform for more upcoming dates. 

Our collaboration with wouldn't be possible without the assistance of Artisan Haven as well. Artisan Haven has been active in promoting Art Attack and using kakisenijunior as one of the platform. 

It has been amazing seeing how different group of people coming together for the love or arts and hoping that the young people of the nation would be able to appreciate it more and give them something positive to experience. 

To learn more about Kakisenijunior, have a listen to our conversation with Shufitri, the digital content manager for Kakiseni.

Check them out and lets get creative together!


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