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Not The Usual Year...Not the Usual Birthday


Just a couple of days ago on the Ninth of September , CreaTee celebrated her 5th year. Proud of it and grateful for it. Where we have been and what we've done. For the unwavering support and love we have received, we are eternally grateful. 

Proud of this baby that reached 5,walked,fell,got up again, unwavering passion. We had thought of a 5 year anniversary party for all. To have fun, celebrate and be grateful.

Things changed however. Nine out of the twelve months of 2020, all of us were hit by Covid19. We are still dealing with things. Seems like there is some kind of exorcism going on right now. We are all part of it. Did see that coming didn't we? Life is already challenging, what's another one, the universe seems to say. This is FOR you not TO you the universe says. 

Oh.. There are days of  tears and frustration. Days you want to just toss your hands up in the air and give up, but all of us be damned if we are letting this get the best of us. Sure it can be a long, hard, climb back, We are not without hope, not without love and not without support. Think hard, look hard, pray hard, surrender hard. We all will be stronger and better together. Perhaps even better than before. 

To all, sending nothing but love hope and faith This…Whatever this is,will pass real soon and we will all  rise up together. The best is yet to come.

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