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Our first bazaar for 2017


We have had long holidays recently and a lot of people have been traveling or just spending some time with their families. Now is time to get back to routine and weekend fun stuff. CreaTee is also back for the first bazaar in 2017. It has been a while since we've had our usual fun chats with CreaTee supporters. When we are at the bazaar, we just don't introduce our product to the public but we get to discuss on the positive impact of CreaTee to their kids. Parents wants alternative to the gadgets that is already in their families live. When kids come to our booth, we let them play with our stencils. A 5 minute doodling is time off for kids to realize that they can produce something with their creativity. So come over to Berjaya Times Square and check us out at the Handmade Market Bazaar #berjayatimessquare #ilovebazaar #handmademarkerbazaar #comesayhi

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