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Staying Focused and Positive

When the New Year comes, new beginnings. There is always a sense of rush and excitement of things changing. That renewed hope. Sometimes, however, after a while, things wear off, things happens that brings you down making you feel that you just want to give up. Well, don’t.! Here are some things that you could do that would help you focused on achieving your goals and remaining positive in the process

1.  Write it down

Write your goals down. Writing it down and visually seeing your vision and it will wire your brain into that direction.

2.  Keep the list manageable and then break that into step by step plan/course of action. We all have lots of goals, but it might be a good idea to take it step by step and only write a small list at a time. That would make it easier for you to tackle the list and not feel too overwhelmed.


After writing that list, write down steps of actions. i.e you want to be a state certified teacher in the US for example, you have got to do your research on your course that you need to take, and where, which organization that will get you certified, how you can financially get thru the learning and certification. Looking at your timeline and plan it one step at a time. That way you build your inner strength and knowledge,

 3.  Visualize

Some do this with their mind by being still and visualizing with the minds eyes that that goal is already achieved and how that looks and feels like in the form of meditation.

You can also create either a physical or virtual goal board.

To help you stay focused on your goals, you can create a visual reminder of why you created a particular goal in the first place. Take a poster board, bulletin board, or electronic platform (e.g. Pinterest), and fill it with pictures and other images that help you maintain your enthusiasm and focus. Your brain thinks in terms of images so, if you choose the right pictures, it will serve as both an enjoyable and effective method to stay focused on your goals.

In effect, it gets your subconscious mind “on board” with your plan to reach your goal. You want your entire psyche working with you to achieve your goal.

4.  Surrender

 Accept that you did your best and let go. You plan, you strategize, put your conscious effort and time in. Then it is time to surrender. Remember that there is a God, whatever you call your higher power that is in play. A source that is all loving and forgiving. A power that sees the bigger picture that is your life and trust it will guide you to what you need to do and where to go. All you need to do is pray and ask.

5.  Evaluate  

Be accountable for the outcome and what needs to be done after this. Be flexible.See if things can be approached from another standpoint in order for things to work. It is also alright for you to realize, feel and see that some things are not meant for you, does not fit right. Letting go opens up the way for you to see what is meant for you.

Wishing all the Createes out there all the best and keep being the positive you, keep reaching for the stars.

With much love and respect,


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