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Ten tips to promote self love, compassion, empowerment and esteem in children


Seeing that we are in February, and what is this month known  for the month of love, Valentine. Maybe it won’t be too much of a stretch that we can talk about another version of love, which is self love. Promoting it in the hearts and minds of our young ones. Self love will lead to a whole more encompassing  understanding and compassion towards the human race. With that in mind, here are ten tips to promote self love, compassion, empowerment and esteem in children.

  1. Do not compare the children.  As tempting to you as it may be, comparison is the mother of insecurities. Every child wants to be loved and accepted, by comparing and hearing it out loud,  children do feel unworthy on some level and not good enough. That is never right. That feeling is carried along throughout life. 
  1. Don't call children names or use sarcasm to make a point.  In the heat of the moment, words like “stupid” “weak” or whatever that maybe might just come out. Well … stop. Just don’t.
  1. Encourage kids to have extra curricular activities in the right amount. By this I mean that is not overwhelming to all parties. Not overwhelming in the sense that, they still have time to just be themselves and not run around too much.  Extra curricular activities help kids find their interest and  passion. 
  1. Giving kids chores. Teaching them about  household chores and giving them age appropriate responsibilities is a good thing.  Expect them to pitch in in the house. It does give them a sense of pride and belonging to the home. 
  1. Show respect and understanding to the child as an autonomous being.  The whole notion that we are the adults, they are children, that it is us that have the power over them, does not work.  Love and respect is earned not forced upon Encourage your children to be independent. You show love and respect more often than not, you will receive that back from your child. You create a nurturing safe bond with the child and ultimately is priceless.
  1. Listen to your children. Ask them about their day over dinner and truly listen to what they have to say. Don't sweep any negative emotions under the carpet.  If they know they can talk to you about anything and they feel supported, their confidence will grow.
  1. Help foster a growth mindset i.e their problem solving skills. Cup is half full and not half empty perspective, to quote the life coach Marie Forleo “Everything is figuroutable”
  1. Mistakes are not the end of the world but a step towards growth. Don’t get upset about mistakes. 
  1.   Provide clear, but not critical, feedback.

Our top and probably important tip that we have to tell parents is:

  1. Be open and be that role model

Vulnerability is not easy. Or perhaps it is the parental/human ego. We all have them. Letting that go and realize that our children do what  we do and not as we tell them to do. As adults we have to walk the talk. That is important.

These are just some ideas on promoting self love , compassion, empowerment and esteem in children. What are your thoughts on it?  Do you have any tips? Please do share in the comment section below. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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