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The Pursuit of Joy and Happiness


There is a lot of talk about joy and happiness. We want it. We seek it. At first, one may think that it is one and the same, but, it really isn’t. It is related in some ways, but not the same.

 “Happiness. Love it when it comes.

Joy. It’s the love that lasts no matter what.” Danielle Le Porte

You feel the happiness when love is present in your life, thru a wonderful person that was sent to your life’s path for example, and indeed you acknowledge and appreciate it.

What Joy is, more than the person, it is the purpose, the beauty, lessons that person brings to your life by his or her mere existence. Even when he/she is gone, that feeling…that knowledge sticks with you. You fully understand your own personal worth in it.

Another example; I love singing, it makes me happy but more so that that, singing, music brings me joy. It gives me a deeper sense of peace. A sense of “this feels so right”, it makes me smile. I express myself thru singing and the songs. Makes me grateful. That is Joy.

Life most days is not perfect, and you may not be happy all the time, but, having joy means still spreading that smile, love, goodwill, and thoughts to everyone “even if”… the choice you make and not carry that angry, negative chip on your shoulder.

 Happiness is dictated by momentary circumstances Joy: is being in gratitude, despite circumstances. It is perhaps a deeper, more spiritual understanding of Happiness.

March 20 2018 is the International Day of Happiness. Leading up to that day, we are going to take a little look at JOY and HAPPINESS.

So, tell us what brings you joy and happiness. Why?


Love to hear from you.



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