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When this is is over...More of this...Less of that....


This pandemic to put it mildly has been nothing but a challenge, one after another in so  many ways. Let’s talk about the future...when this whole thing is over  because it will.  What do we want to see? What do we want to happen?I wish to see…. 

More gratitude

I think this is a big reminder of the things and people that we have taken for granted. People that we take for granted in our daily lives, I am talking for example the custodians, to our relationships and friendships, looking from a deeper perspective and not just the superficial. I bet even the ability to just head out to your favorite spot and just enjoy a tall glass of ice lemon tea is sorely missed or the chance to just hug someone you care about.

Never take people or things, each other for granted. Things that may seem simple,but huge in the bigger picture of things.

More love and compassion

We are all literally in this together; regardless of who we are and where we are from. This is one the biggest thing the world has seen in recent history that we all can remember and has a huge global impact.  It is not “just happening in that part of the world”.  We hope the world can see and better understand that our actions as a human being does have an impact on others. We were never singular or insular to our surroundings.

Education Reform?

There has always been constant discussions in recent years on how education needs to change. The definition of teaching and learning, what education is needs to change with needs and the times.

This pandemic has truly forced the shift. What is important and what not so much. There seems to be somewhat of a re evaluation. What do the system need to do to change and develop  and retraining humanity in education? 

Maybe there should be a recalibration in the gaps in the society and the childrens’ well being, how we have to choose and see to it that it is looked at deeper and how to better deal with the issue. 

Better help and understanding for mental, emotional health and development

Being quarantined and confined alone or with others for an extended period of time will bring forth tons of emotions and feelings. Anxiety and depression, all the feels  may be exacerbated. We have got to be of better assistance. Start with basic compassion and understanding. Listening with the heart. Reach out to each other. That almost always lessens the blow. 

Priorities WIll Shift

Through it all I see, think and hope that we have our priorities and understanding shifts between what is important and maybe something that we should consider putting  to the wayside that probably has never served us well but we still held on to it.  

One thing that is for sure we should not allow negativity and fear to prevail.  If we do, we have lost sight of why the whole thing happened to begin with.  We have this  opportunity for growth and development.

Tell us, what would you like to see happen, or what would you do differently once this thing blows over. Perhaps too,what can CreaTee change for your benefit? Let us know in the comment section below. Would love to hear from you.Till then take good care of yourself and each other.

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