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2021. Resolutions for Kids. Yay or Nay?


As adults, we might not believe so much in resolutions. Life by nature is challenging. It is up to us to rise up to the challenge. Some days may be easier, but some days a lot harder. That is good, because this is the time when we think we can change ourselves and our habits, and become much better, happier and healthier people. We just have to be open and aware of it. But how about kids? Should you encourage them to have New Year’s resolutions as well?

Resolutions can be good or bad for kids. Just like anything else it really depends on the execution of it. Having said that, why would appropriate resolutions be good for the young ones? We just have to remember that resolutions do not necessarily be huge. It can be as small as “just doing ONE thing differently than last year”, “acquiring a new skill set” . For a child it could be as small as “ I got a D for math last year, I am doing the best I can and at least get a C. Be great if I can get a higher grade”. “ I want to practice kindness and give more to myself and others”. “ Just step by step attainable ones.

Why would resolutions building be good for kids?

1.Goal setting

Sometimes we all need something to motivate and get those thinking skills going. “ What are you like?” “What do you enjoy doing?, “What or who do you want to be?” questions like that gets them thinking. Looking inward and asking themselves the right questions. They create a vision and idea for themselves and not just ideas purely from outside.


Step by step planning is also the name of the game. Now, you have a vision. You need action to follow. Kids will see and learn that having a goal resolution is not enough. It has to be followed by effort. They have to answer the question  for e.g.  “ OK. So you want to do better in math this year, what do you need to do?” Create a schedule that you can do about and hour extra on reviewing math? With mom or dad? With a tutor if need be? What would be of help?

3. “stick to itness”

Having goals, kids  learn to plan. They learn that things may not be easy, they will be moments of real frustration and difficulty, but with the right goals and inner motivation, which also referred to here as “ stick to itness”, you will reach your resolution. That is when the adults around them guide them in the direction that they are looking at. 

Comment below on what your thoughts are on kids and building resolutions. What is your opinion on it? We would love to hear from you. 


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