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Simple Goal Setting To Help Kids


How can we help children goal set, have a resolution and help them succeed? Below are a few ideas how it can be done.

Write goals down, make them attainable, and create a plan of accountability

Psychologist Gabriele Oettingen did a research study on success rates of people who had optimistic beliefs about their future goals vs. the success rates of people who had pessimistic beliefs.

Surprisingly results showed that there is no direct correlation between them. Optimists ignored or glossed over obstacles, while self-defeating, pessimist didn’t believe in their own capabilities. Instead, what she found was that:

(1) Mental Contrasting (visualizing achieving a goal and understanding what obstacles currently or might be in the way of achieving these goals)

(2) Implementation Intentions (planning a method for overcoming these obstacles beforehand).

From the research too, the acronym WOOP was born:

Wish - Think about something you want to achieve.

Outcome - Visualize how it would look and feel to achieve this goal.

Obstacles - Picture things that you have held as truth, holding, or could hold you back from reaching this goal.

Plan - If and when these obstacles occur, how can you respond?  “ If [insert obstacle] occurs, then I will [insert behavior or action] .” 

Take baby steps while keeping goals at the front of thought and conversation

Just take it one step at a time towards that goal. See each step as another step towards success.

Be an active role model and support in achieving goals and keeping resolutions

Let your children know what your goals are and talk about why you set those goals, what some of your challenges may be in achieving them, and also what you’re excited about most. Set an example by following through on your own goals and make it a practice to encourage each other throughout the process.

Explain what goal setting is and why it’s helpful to successful living

This is about purpose. Why do you have that goal in front of you? Making them see why they do the things they do. Sometimes when things get rough, you can look back and be reminded of your reasons.

Take time to celebrate small milestones, accomplishments while at the same time know the possibilities of what more could be done.

There will be times your energy will be down and doubt, frustration creeps in. What you need to teach yourself and your child is...look at where we are at this moment… more often than not you will see that you have been further than you were. It is in the so-called “the small achievements” .Have the appreciation and gratitude of those achievements. “You want the moon and the stars, but for now, find joy that you have reached the sky”. Know that you are on your way always.

What are your ideas and tips on goal setting for the kids in your life? How do you help them in their journey? Comment and share with us down below. Would love to hear from you.

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