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Gadget Addiction in Children - A Parents' Journey


We started a new fun vlog on our YouTube.Our channel has always been a bit dormant and the hopes for 2021 is that we will use it more. There has been very limited personal interaction last year with Covid. We came up with this mainly to keep our sanity and spirits up. We have always find it fascinating learning what people's stories are. We started with this story just because CreaTee has always believe in arts and craft in children development. It seemed apt. It was why we started CreaTee anyways. To give alternative option for kids to enjoy.
This couple started introducing gadgets to their child at six months old. And at two years old he started developing autistic symptoms. The father even used the word addict to describe him. So have a watch. We definitely learned a lot. The struggles of working parents and the importance of quality bonding time with your kids. Parenting is no easy task. The whole goal is for us to learn and grow everyday. 


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