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4 lessons learned in the last 4 years

Four years ago we went came up with a plan, an idea that brought that love and fire back into our hearts and soul. If felt good and it felt right. On September 9, 2015 we went to to the Malaysia Registrar of Business and CreaTee was born.

This baby of ours, like any other child is hungry for attention, takes up quite a bit of time and resources, we have the ups and downs but it is worth every moment.

We all go thru the good and bad. Today we are going to take a look back at the two of the best things and two of the lessons that has happened over the years

  1. Giving back is our biggest joy. We have many favorite memories from our free t-shirt design workshops with the underserved children, from Orang Asli to refugee kids. Being able to see their joy, smiles and opening up is pretty amazing. At the same time we meet people who are the backbones of these communities who are selflessly helping out children in need. The experience would not be at memorable too if not for the volunteers that came forward to help us out. Our dream is to reach even more communities. 
  1. Meeting like minded people is food to our souls. We are excited and have so much fun every time we introduce CreaTee to total strangers. Parents, principals and public that gets CreaTee makes our day. From time to time some form of validation help us to carry on and be better. 
  1. Being resilient and more patient. Everyone we meet comes with their own set of personality and quirks. The lesson is to accept that we cannot dictate their behavior but can only control ours. We love going out to bazaars (even though it is hard work) because it is a quick measure on how public response to the product. We have been sneered at and looked down upon because we are just a vendor selling stuff. People don’t have to tell you flat out what they are thinking because they forget that look itself is enough. Even stumbled into old classmates couple of times who promised to call and never did. Thank goodness we have healthy self esteem to not be affected by it all. All that matters is that we love what we do and we are proud with what we come up with. People’s opinion or perception is not our reality.  
  1. The expectation of not getting anything back in return. Networking is a must in any business and in these sessions we often meet people who promise us the sun and moon. In reality no one can deliver sun and moon to you really! We would sometimes offer what little knowledge or suggestions we can to another party we meet and realizing that the same person might not be interested in doing the same for us but we believe that life is all about good intentions. Somehow, someday, someone else will support us.  

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