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CreaTee's workshop with Naiise


 We are collaborating with Naiise Malaysia for a t-shirt designing workshop. This workshop is special because you and your child can each design your very own t-shirt and wear it proudly. How cool is that!

We are very proud of our product because CreaTee isn't just about designing a t-shirt. While both of you are designing the t-shirt together, it is a time well spend. You get to talk to one another on how to design it. It is about communication. Learn more about your child's likes and dislikes. Some children are fiercely independent that they do not want any assistance in the design process. Some need more direction. What a great way to know the child's personality just by sitting together talking and observing. It is about developing their emotional intelligence by being able to verbally communicate and expressing themselves in this interactive, hands on fun workshop.

No accomplishment is too small. That t-shirt that the child made is going to be his/her pride of joy. You are going to constantly see that t-shirt being worn proudly around the house. 

Our workshop is going to be held at Naiise, a wonderful store at Jalan Rotan, Kampung Attap. If you are looking for special amazing products and design, this is the place to head to. You can check out their online store as well,

And another reason you should check out Jalan Rotan is Zhongshan Building. The building that house Naiise also is home for other businesses as well. It caters to arts and research community in general. 

There are so many interesting spots and activities in Kuala Lumpur you can explore. So do join us for our t-shirt design workshop on May 26, 2018. To register please go to Naiise

Hope to see you there!

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