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CreaTee is now at Naiise, Kuala Lumpur

We have always been a fan of Naiise after stumbling onto their website couple of years ago. We approached Naiise to see if their online store would be interested in carrying CreaTee and we found out that they were opening a Kuala Lumpur branch. Timing is everything sometimes! 

So now you can find CreaTee and other wonderful amazing stuff at Naiise, Kuala Lumpur. If you love anything and everything art, this is a place to check out. Most of the product comes from local businesses as well, so what great way to support artist in the region. There are perfumes, jewellery, cute currypuff pillows, cards among other things. If is worth your time to just browse around even for inspiration.

And how is this for something extra, there is a bakery; Tommy La Baker situated at the back of the store. We tasted Tommy's sourdough when he had the store in Sentul. Sourdough is not my favorite kind of bread but I have to say my taste buds have changed quite a bit, so after our meeting with Naiise, we sat down for a bit for some sourdough and it was delicious. I heard the place is packed for brunch on weekends.

So, do have a good time exploring Naiise and continue support for CreaTee. We will post photos of our product on display soon. 

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