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CreaTee with Orang Asli Children of Sungai Melut

SAVE THE DATE! 10 JULY 2018. Our annual workshop is here. With last year's proceeds and sponsorships from our partner, Grow Inc, we are conducting t-shirt designing workshop with 70 Orang Asli children of Sungai Melut. Come and volunteer with us. Not only you get to put a smile on a child's face but you will have fun too.

Volunteers will be interacting and helping the children in the process of designing their t-shirt. No arts skills required. As long as you love being around children and make them happy.

Sungai Melut school caters to Orang Asli community. We came first learned about them through an interesting article and visited them in the school. We met the principal and was throughly hard warmed with what the school is trying to achieve and implemented in the community outside the national curriculum. With this workshop it is our way to support their believes in the difference of education. CreaTee is a believer than learning, esteem building comes in many way.

Message us if you'd like to join in the workshop.

To further support us in this and future endeavours, do purchase a set of CreaTee.

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