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Meet the Temuans

The Temuan people (Temuan: Uwang/Eang Temuan, Malaysian: Orang Temuan) are a Proto-Malay ethnic group indigenous to western parts of Peninsular Malaysia. In the states of Selangor, Pahang, Johor, Negeri Sembilan, Malacca.

They do live in the most utmost disadvantageous economic situation.

The Temuan Culture reflects their belief in nature’s power and spirit. Their animistic faith takes the form of taboos, herbal remedies, ritual ceremonies, and magic. They have dukun (healers) and village bomoh (shaman) who when in trance state, communicates with the nature spirits.

They celebrate Aik  Muyang or the Ancestor’s Day

Although today the Temuans mostly adhere to their animistic beliefs, the rest have now largely converted to either Christianity or Islam. This happens especially when Temuans married with people outside of their ethnic groups, whether it's with the Malays, Chinese or other ethnic groups in the country

It is the shaman who leads the tribe in the annual sawai or sawang and healthy ritual to honor ancestors and appease ancient spirits. The Sungai Melut community celebrates the Aik Muyang Day every December 30th

The tribe speaks Temuan or Bahasak Temuan an Austronesian language, closely related to Bahasa Malaysia it is known today with numbers of variations in the dialect.

SK (A) Sungai Melut is a  wonderful school that serves the children of the community. The current principal has done an extraordinary job in raising the bar and standards in education for the children far above and beyond the current philosophies, the methodology of the current system which is hard warming to see.

CreaTee is excited, humbled and proud to be associated with the school and our partner Grow Inc. We will be conducting our t-shirt design workshop at the wonderful school on Friday, July 13, 2018. Do contact us at 017-248-9954 if you would like to contribute or join us on the day and be together in the fun with the children and teachers there.

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