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SAY NO! TO BEING BORED: Our 5 favorite indoor activity ideas for you and your children.




Start with simple crayons, color pencils, and paper, Get the children to draw anything; whatever they like and comes to their mind. “ What would you like to draw? “  Ask them related questions and get them to tell you the story and right it at the bottom of the paper; in their words.

Follow up with the next story and paper

You can clip and bind the pages together


Get a book and read to each other. You can even get them to read to you too.


There as simple recipes out there that you can choose from and get the children to the kitchen and help you out.  

Cookies or pies (using ready made pastry dough) are two that we find simple and yummy.


This a fun musical game. Play your children’s favorite music and ask them to dance, move until the music stops. When it does, they have  to stop, freeze at whatever pose, the position they are in; even if it were one leg up etc


Tshirt design kit with stencils and all the components provided where kids can come up with their own wearable art. All is in their creativity on how to design their own t-shirt.

You can check it out at www.

All of these activities can be enjoyed indoors in the comfort of your home. Sometimes it can be fun to explore other activity spaces too. You get to explore other neighborhoods meet new friends. Here is an opportunity for you to experience a new activity as well a new space with CreaTee. We are having a t-shirt designing workshop at a cool venue at Bengkel.kami on Saturday, July 21st, 2018. Come and explore with us.

DM or email to sign up. Be bored no more.

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