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Dear Bullies I Thank You

You never really left my mind, I know you could never fathom your behavior then, how it affects me and how it still does in some ways on certain bad days when insecurities show up.

 Having said that, as I have gotten older, I have always had empathy and gratitude to God for giving that life experience and shaping me to be the person I have become and will continue to learn and develop.

1. You taught me empathy

 I never really understood why you had to talk, treat and put me down real bad the way that you do. I often wondered what is in your life that got you to act the way you do. I was hurt and maybe a little angry, but, I somehow learned when that happened, it came for somewhere, your own personal hurt, and insecurities.

I never ever wanted anyone to feel the way I was feeling. I consciously made the effort to go by the mantra “treat others the way you want to be treated”

2. You taught me who I am

Being alone, being, being the outcast gave me a lot of time to observe and self-reflect. In those moments I discovered what I valued, what I loved, what made me happy, what truly mattered. I understood early on the fragility on this God given life.

3. You gave me music

I found solace in music, the choir with Mr. Khoo, Thru music I was given faith, love, and hope. I learned to play the piano. I may not be too good at it but I love and appreciated it. .Every time I sang, my soul lights up and my brain just connects and l became a better learner.

Thanks to you, I have a better understanding and perception of things and cannot ask for more. It is my hope that those reading this knows and finds the light and gratitude while going thru the hurt,the ugly and know this too shall pass.


About the writer

Mazura Illani Manshoor graduated from Boston University with a degree in Psychology. She is a certified Early Childhood and a Montessori teacher with years of teaching experience.

Ms. Manshoor is a co-founder of CreaTee with strong passion for children and education causes



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