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Sponsor A Refugee Kid

CreaTee is all about the children and positive esteem and confidence. Our business model has always been ways in giving back to children through the arts. Each year we work with different underserved group of children so that they could experience CreaTee. This year, we are working in having our t-shirt designing workshops with refugee kids. The 2 groups are the Mynmar's Chins and Rohingyas. We are spreading the workshops throughout the year so that all kids from these 2 centers will have an opportunity for some fun. Their plight is not lost on us. This is our small contributions to boost their confidence and see them smile. We humbly seek your support and pledges, to sponsor these children through CreaTee.

Also, please do take some time to check them out and support them as they are in need of it. Informations are in the poster.

Thanks in advanced for all the love and support.

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