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Unleashing the Artist Within: A Heartwarming Tale of a Cool Makcik

Adult doing art
In our collaboration with Think City K2K Open Day program, though our workshop is designed primarily for kids, we were pleasantly surprised to welcome enthusiastic participants from various age groups, proving that creativity knows no bounds.
Admittedly, many adults harbor a genuine fear of embracing their artistic side. Living in a society where art often takes a back seat, it can feel like an unattainable luxury. However, the magic unfolds when given the chance, and wonderful things can happen.
Allow me to share a heartwarming story of one particularly cool makcik.
Just like most adults, her initial response was, "I am not good at art; I don't know what to do." The first 10-15 minutes were undoubtedly the most challenging, akin to a true artist's staring contest with a blank canvas bag.
But fear not! We stepped in, guiding and demonstrating the use of stencils and all the provided tools. We encouraged them to sketch, but, most importantly, we became their cheerleaders, affirming that they could indeed do it.
And you know what? That's precisely what people need most of the time – a little encouragement.
Our sweet makcik persevered, diligently working on her tote bag while others packed up. Su, our trusted instructor, stayed by her side, providing unwavering support and encouragement throughout.
As the session concluded, makcik was overjoyed with her accomplishment. Her heartfelt words to Su were, "I love you!"
And, of course, Su reciprocated with an equally heartfelt, "I love you too, makcik!"
This heartening encounter reminds us that everyone, regardless of age, craves encouragement in their journey. Just imagine the incredible things we can achieve with a sprinkle of love and encouragement.
Yes, dear makcik, CreaTee loves you too!
What's you creative journey story like?
Photo: ThinkCity

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