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Emotional Intelligence , independence and freedom

In South East Asia,  August is the month of national independence days, for Singapore , Indonesia and Malaysia. The Federated States of Malaya, celebrates her independence on 31 August 1957 and Malaysia was fully established on 16 September 1963 with the inclusion of Sabah and Sarawak. This  is a  good opportunity to touch on the topic of emotional intelligence and freedom, independence.

Independence can be defined as individual rights of individual choices, actions , thoughts and go on about one’s living. It is carried into the political arena. 

At the core of things, emotional intelligence is about how one deals with communications and controlling feelings and emotional actions towards oneself and others. Emotional intelligence point of view cannot be overlooked when talking about freedom and independence.

1. Personal independence, freedom does not negate other’s rights.

The huge error that is made by us as a society in the age of social correctness is just focused on “my rights”.  While you may have them, your rights do not include ignoring and hurting anyone else just because of wanting to be right. 

2. You  cannot negate another party’s feelings of hurt, perhaps even offense 

You have to be willing to hear and accept the other person’s view even if you may not accept and understand.

3.Freedom in the feeling of safety and security

Freedom and independence is in the feelings of safety and acceptance in and of oneself, respecting others in the ideas and positions in a positive manner

The bottom line of it all is that,  with freedom comes responsibility. Responsibility to oneself and others. We live in a society not in vacuum. That is also where emotional intelligence comes in. 

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Photo by Deva Darshan on Unsplash

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