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Is CreaTee just for kids?

When we came up with the idea of CreaTee, the main target we had in mind are the kids but as we continued our journey we have seen quite a number of adults being interested in it. As a family activity we have moms and dads being involved with their children. But how about young adults doing something for themselves? 

We had a group of four young adults who attended one of the workshops at the Linc KL. It was great to see a group of friends agreeing spending the afternoon together to do this activity. Of course unlike a workshop with kids that need more attention  and guidance, they were left with their own imagination. Adults are interesting to watch, because the decision making can take slightly longer whereas a kid might just go with it without much fear of making a mistakes.

As we watched these group of friends concentrating on their craft, they also exchanged ideas and had a good laugh looking at each others work.

We asked them how they felt about the process and what's more amazing, no matter if you are an adult or a kid, the end feeling is always the same.

The sense of accomplishment in getting something done, the ability to produce something that is your own is a fun and rewarding journey. Being in tuned with your craft and imagination in that specific span of time makes you realized that you are able to achieve other things as well. That is also part of building emotional intelligence.

So, as we always say, it is more than just a t-shirt. It's how it makes you feel. No matter how old you are!


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