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Your self-esteem is affected when you are undermined by narcissistic and domineering personalities.People that inflict what verbal or emotional abuse that is also described as gaslighting behaviors are narcissistic and domineering. These individual does not allow you to shine in your life.

How is this so?  Bullies and emotional ,verbal abusers make you feel like you don’t have or know your own mind and feelings. You keep questioning your thoughts and decisions; you are always “stupid” “silly” “wrong” and they are always right. They like to put thoughts and words to into you. You are made to feel like  the crazy one. You are not heard at all. When you try to share experiences, they stop and cut you down and eventually you give up sharing and cower.

Part of low self-esteem is giving your personal power to another person or situation. Easily doubting yourself and feeling hopeless Those worthless feeling sometimes carry with you into adulthood. You have to recognize when you are undermined. This is to better understand yourself and how to handle the situation.

1.Write things down.

Acknowledge your boundaries. Write down what behaviour is acceptable and what is not. Recognizing the behaviors will allow you to see and understand your reaction to the situation better.

i.e. • I will not allow you to disrespect me by yelling at me or humiliating me in public.

  • I will not allow you to dictate things and dominate the relationship.
  1. See and understand  your reaction.

Are you feeling angry, sad or frustrated ? How are you reacting to your triggers?  There is an alternative reaction you can respond with to the same triggers.

3.Take things step by step and not be consumed by immediate solutions.

ie • I can choose to snap or take deep breaths say my peace and walk away with dignity intact.

Takes little thoughts and steps towards positivity. Have the courage to know where you stand and believe. Remember that it is you that teaches people how to treat you.  Forgive yourself for the naïve behavior in the past. Be kind to you.

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. ~ Elenor Roosevelt

Till next time

Love yourself

Love others

Be kind to one another


Mazura Illani Manshoor 

#Createe #CreateeAntiBully #Creativity #EsteemBuilding

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