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Turning 3 and 3 lessons we've learned so far


9.9 is when when celebrate the day CreaTee started. So many things learned but here are 3 of many.

1. Support is key to our sanity

People love winners but  often support don’t come easy especially in the earlier days. We have learned that however small a support is, it helps us to go through another day. Sometimes it’s just a simple “Hey, how is CreaTee doing?” A small gesture of asking makes a whole world of difference. It makes us feel like we are being seen and our business is being acknowledged. Once, we met a shoe designer at a conference and she was enthusiastic about what we do and spend a good half an hour giving us tips, (while there were lines of other people who wanted to speak to her as well). That moment stayed with us because having someone who believes in what you do is a game changer in your own psyche. From strangers, friends and families to clients/customer, we could not thank enough for all the support.

2. Holding Ourselves To Our Own Standards
Being in business means that we also rely on other parties to get things done. We have learned not to take things personally when someone fails to live up to our expectations, be it simple promises or delivering goods on time.  We can only hold our actions accountable. We will always strive to do and be better.

3. We Do We
Patience is a simple concept but on tough days we have to remind ourselves of it. The unpredictability of running a business can be soul crushing on a bad day. Patience in believing that things will get better. Patience that we will not be lied to again. Patience to trust time will make us grow in the pace that we need to. To compare ourselves to other successful business as a guide and not as a measure.

We are 3 and we are growing. As we grow, so will our lessons. Lessons that will guide us in our endeavours. It has been a wild ride with good and bad experiences but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Come join the ride with us.

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