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Workshop with Chin kids (Group 2) / May 22, 2017


CreaTee's t-shirt design workshop with Chin refugee kids

We continued our t-shirt designing workshops with the second group of Chin refugee kids. We cap each group to 20 in each sessions so that we can give full attention towards all the kids. For this week, 3 of them were sick so we were left with 17 only. They were younger from the first group we had. Ages from 4 till about 8 years old. Language was a bit of a barrier, but nothing that can't be fix with art. Due to their age, the design tend to be a bit simple, but nevertheless it was heartwarming in seeing how excited they were in having the opportunity to work on their own t-shirt. We will be taking a bit of a break during the month of Ramadan but will continue on with our workshops after that. 

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