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Adult stress and mental health

We all go thru things in life. Things that bring us joy, things that make us sad and things that really truly test us to the core. It does feels rough when going thru it and trying to understand and rise above it. It is really in the way you deal with it as effective as humanly possible. My point being, the so called “stress” that hits us, managing it is part of maintaining your mental health. Not dealing with emotional things that affect us one thing after the other it seems like, in the most healthy way, will lead to the breakdown of our emotional and mental state.

When running a business as an example, just like in life, not everyone is going to get you, not everyone is going to get your product. Having said that, this is your passion and this is your life. Each of us find our niche and our market. The process for understanding and acceptance, for the most part, take time ... sometimes a while longer that one might prefer but you stomach it and persevere.

Recently CreaTee received some news that ended a business partnership; perhaps not in a way that we would have preferred it to be, perhaps the truth too is that it was not a cooperative, supportive situation and partnership, but we did the best we can and we stuck around as cliche as it sounds, hoping that something would change. It obviously did not and CreaTee paid for it.
It felt rough. How did I deal with it?

Step away. Go out. Take a walk. Allow yourself to “have a moment”
I walked out of the office to calm myself down. I acknowledged I was feeling sad and mad.

Respect and own those feelings. That where you start. Over my usual or ice lemon tea to that walk to my usual joint, 

Write it down
I had my pen and journal in my bag, so I took it out and wrote my thoughts on it. Let that truth out. No one is going to judge you on that writing, forget being nice, or proper grammar. Cuss if you want to in it. It is OK.

Once you write it, it is a form of release and acknowledgment. Most of the time, I do feel better because of if.

Do things that make you happy and forget about feeling silly. (This actually should be a regular thing) 

It could be putting on music that lifts you up from your favorite band/artist. Never underestimate the power of music to lift you up. Sing to it in the privacy of your room or bathroom if have to (perhaps if you want to sneak away from the kids or whoever). If singing is not your thing … just dance, move to the music.  Study has shown that attempts such as that has been proven to change your thoughts and emotions positively.

In conclusion, what has to be fully understood is that, daily stress can affect your mental health and best not ignored and taken lightly. We are somebody’s  mother, father, sister, brother, caregiver, employer, employee ... many other things. Just never forget in order to be of service to all and to the ones we love, we have to be a somebody to this body, all the faculties that we have been blessed and given. Don’t neglect it.

That was just a few ideas that you might be able to use to handle stress and your mental-emotional state. What do you do? Meditation perhaps? Please do tell us and comment, tell us. We’d love to hear from you.

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About the writer
Mazura Illani Manshoor graduated from Boston University with a degree in Psychology. She is a certified Early Childhood and a Montessori teacher with years of teaching experience.  
She is also co-founded  CreaTee and has the strong passion for children and education causes.


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