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Join CreaTee in the spirit of giving

To some, November seemed rather early for some Christmas shopping. But have you noticed how the days just whizz through these days? American Association of Malaysia is having their annual Christmas Charity Bazaar and CreaTee is participating in this event. Last year when we were there we wanted to buy so many things by other great vendors. They aren't just great gifts for Christmas. They are great for everyday occasions as well. Why shouldn't everyday be Christmas right?

There will be around 130 vendors, so you can browse around the in comfort of the grand ballroom of Renaissance Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, rain or shine.

And of course the best thing about this, is when you pay for the RM30 door entrance fee you are also contributing to different charities. And don't forget when you purchase CreaTee, part of the proceeds goes into our free t-shirt designing workshops for the underserved children. That is 2 good causes in one bazaar. 

Do check out his bazaar with a cause at Renaissance Hotel on Friday 2nd November 2018. From 10.00 am till 5.00 pm.


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