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The Art of Esteem

Some often wonder how creativity and the arts help develop self esteem. Personally, I have said this before and I will say and acknowledge this again, if it was not for music and the school choir I was involved with I would not have survived school be in elementary or high school in the way that I did. It was meaningful, healing, therapeutic, joyful part of the hurtful life experiences that growing up can sometimes bring having being bullied and dealing with medical,health issues.

How does arts, creativity and esteem building connect?

  • It’s a way of self-expression.Unexpressed thoughts and feelings can be very damaging and it’s important to let them out in a healthy way. As well as allowing you to express your thoughts and feelings, creativity can help you to make sense of them and it can help put things in perspective.  
  • It gives you something to focus on. Creativity can help take the focus away from destructive negative thoughts. It is a healthy way of channeling negative energy into something positive.
  • It teaches you to focus on the process. Creativity can teach you to be mindful and focused in the present moment.
  • Creativity gives you something meaningful to do. It gives you purpose and meaning.
  • It can be enjoyable. Doing something that is enjoyable to you, gives that good feeling, which helps you feel better about yourself and your surrounding. It gives you comfort and tells you that no matter what you are OK and things will turn out right.
  • You can learn something new.Creativity is an opportunity for learning and that can help you to build confidence. Seeing your own ability. You might even surprise yourself. For example, learning to draw or playing a musical instrument. 
  • It can give you a sense of accomplishment. Accomplishment can come from the process of doing or learning and is not necessarily about the end result. As a bonus, you may feel a sense of accomplishment when you create something.
  • It can be a way of connecting with other people.Doing something that you enjoy is an opportunity to connect and make friends with like minded people.
  • It is therapeutic.The benefits of creativity are recognized.There is widespread use of creativity as therapy, for example, art therapy and music therapy.

Till next time.

Create and just BE what is boldly you.


BE love

BE kind

BE joy

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