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Workshop with Rohingya kids

On Mother's Day, May 14, 2017 we work up bright and early to spend time with a group of Roghinya kids in Selayang. We had a total of 21 children together of mix ages to work on their t-shirt. In the same morning, St. John's ambulance was also there to give the kids their medical check up. Once they were done with their check ups, they went up to the first floor to start on their t-shirt.

Designing the t-shirt was definitely a new experience for them. They had to think more than usual and outside the box. At first there was a lot of unsure looks and slight confusion. We helped them as much as we can, but allow them to explore all the possibilities. Even towards the end, while drying the t-shirt we found them still adding last minute touches to their artwork. Some were a bit more critical of their designs. They knew they could do more. But we tell them, everything is a process. From being unsure of what to do, they now know that they can always strive to of better. Art is something that allows kids to explore a whole new world. We'd like to think in that Sunday morning, we taught them that however they choose to express themselves through their artwork, there isn'a a wrong or right way. No design is better than another because everyone is an individual. And they should be proud of what they did. 

You can be part of nurturing these kids by purchasing CreaTee. Part our proceeds goes back to these workshops. 

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